When is the New York deer hunting season?

The regular season is from September 15 to December 31.

Velvet hunts are from August 12 to August 28.


Do I need a New York hunting license?

No! Lowlands Whitetails is a private hunting ranch. We will provide you with the appropriate tags and documentation.


Do I need to bring my own rifle?

No! Lowlands Whitetails Hunting Ranch provides access to a wide range of weapons, including rifles, muzzle-loaders, handguns and archery.


Can you tell me about the deer?

We have bucks that score from 120 SCI to 250+, all priced very reasonably. We have typical racks, droptines, junk racks, wide racks and long tines.


Where will I stay?

The Lowlands Whitetails Hunting Lodge is free to all visiting hunters.  Meals are included, along with a great view of the hunting grounds.


How do I get there?

Visit our Map and Directions page for written driving directions, GPS directions and maps.

The nearest airport is Syracuse. If you’re flying in, call us to arrange for shuttle service.


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4.5avg.rating 147 votes.