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Having a Mennonite background, we understand the importance of a delicious homemade meal!

We will provide lunch and dinner (Breakfast fixings are on hand.) with one of our specialties being our exclusive homemade  “Wild Game Marinade”.Tastefully Done Marinade features a unique, balanced and flavorful blend of warm brown sugar blended perfectly with a subtle peppery finish bringing out only the best taste in wild game, one that simply compliments and delivers optimal juicy, tender and delicious wild game meat everytime. Our marinade is a “unique liquid marinade” that will tame the gamey taste in your “Wild Game” without sacrificing or masking the natural flavors unlike all the thousands of wild game injectables and dry rubs on the market today. Our marinade is perfect for the avid hunter, advanced chef or the true beginner.

  • No need to tenderize your meat
  • No need to add any extra flavors or seasonings
  • No need to soak your meat in buttermilk or salted brine to tame the gamey taste

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Please let us know of any dietary restrictions.


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